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Shelby Norwich & Bob Vander Weide

Dive in with us as we showcase the work of over 25 artists who up-cycled surfboards donated by the local surfing community to celebrate what makes Florida special, including the waterways and wildlife that we are compelled to protect, and our shared commitment to their preservation.

Center Plaza Boards

1 Main Entrance Flamingo View

Lyssa Bowen

Colors: Chaos and Serenity

Too often we find ourselves swallowed by life, engulfed by darkness and shades of grey as we go through our days. Lyssa chooses to see and embrace the color of life all around us and put it into her artwork where you may not expect to see it. Remember to slow down, breathe, and truly SEE all that surrounds you. Serenity can be found anywhere if you just take the time to look amongst the chaos.

Makenzie Warren

Colorful Shores

I’m Makenzie Warren, I’m 17 years old and I love the beach. Having grown up in a beach environment in Florida, I chose to have my surfboard represent this common lifestyle many Floridians are lucky enough to experience daily. This is my classic vision of the beach, with a couple of beach essentials, and I believe it perfectly represents Florida’s coast.

2 Photo Op

Anne Conroy-Baiter

Anne Conroy-Baiter moved to the Space Coast in 2014 and shortly after joined Junior Achievement of the Space Coast as President. Painting is Anne’s way of exploring and documenting her world. By regularly donating work, it’s also a way to support causes important to the community. Anne started painting in 2001 as a means of working through grief after losing her mother, herself a watercolor artist. This grounded connection to family roots and community is evident in much of her work.

Anne works primarily in watercolors but began exploring gouache in 2010 and acrylics in 2022. Her work is known for color saturation, and as a result of her Irish heritage, a touch of the unreal. The surfboard ‘Selkie’ is a good example of the unreal, as her surfer’s joyous form is transformed by light and water. She and her daughters live in Cocoa Beach, where they are grateful for warm winters, beaches, and the natural beauty of Brevard County.

Derek Gores

What a pleasure to think outside the usual rectangle. Being honored with 11-time World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater’s board, I felt morally and creatively compelled to attempt to capture his bold spirit in collage. You’ll find a couple photographs, plus wave reports, Slater history, environmental manifestos, surf nostalgia, plus the patina of the board’s original stickers within the layers. Many thanks for the worthy challenge.

Born 1971, New York. BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 1993

Derek Gores has received international acclaim for his collage artwork, formed of recycled magazines and other found paper materials on canvas. He exhibits with galleries in Paris, Los Angeles, Quebec, Berlin and more. Gores client and collector list includes Prada, the Kentucky Derby, the National Football League, and many more. Gores’ studio is in the Eau Gallie Arts District, where he often produces group creative exhibitions such as Robot Love, Dreamland, and Screamland. He’s considered part of the driving force of the Space Coast’s cultural epicenter.

Juan Plaza

Ribbons for Duane &

My fascination with surfboards started in the early 70s when I apprenticed at Infinity Surfboards in Huntington Beach, CA.  Later I founded my own surfboard factory, Kuyagua Surfboards, with great success in my native Venezuela. Later in life when art knocked at my door, I discovered great pleasure in adding my beloved character, Dr. Wiggl’s PhD, to some of my pieces. This surfboard is a perfect blend of surfboard-making processes and acrylic paint techniques. The ribbons that follow the slim character can only be explained by the repetitive phrase “Dr. Wiggl’s Tails Tell Tales of Dr.Wiggl’s Tails Tell Tails of…”  By using strong colors on one side and pale versions of the same color on the other side of every ribbon, I’m trying to convey the idea of movement and frolicking that is so characteristic of the good doctor. By adding this happiness and love of living to my life-long fascination with these ocean vessels, my destiny has been fulfilled. = See

3 Across from Siamang Habitat

Jennifer Krieger-Dick

From the Indian River to the Deep Blue Atlantic
@JennysMakingWaves (Instagram)

I am originally from Maryland. I fell in love with Florida’s surfing culture and wildlife when I moved here ten years ago. I have spent time in the Lower Keys, Southwest Florida and now I call South Brevard County my home. I’ve always enjoyed art, however when the pandemic slowed down my “real job” as a flight attendant, I was able to spend more time painting and learning to surf – two things I had no idea how much I loved. Now that things have picked back up again in the friendly skies, and even though I love my job and freedom of travel, all I can think about is getting back to whatever project I have in the works at home.

Eric LaMarr

Award winning artist Eric LaMarr is from Rockledge, FL. He is a graduate of Brevard Community College and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Illustration. Eric acquires most of the inspiration for his paintings from the surrounding Floridian landscapes and nautical based environments. He is mainly a watercolor artist; however, he will occasionally paint with acrylics. Eric’s love for the ocean and nautical environments shines with astonishing clarity through his paintings. One of the many accomplishments that Eric has achieved is creating original designs for Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. The success of Eric’s work allows him to travel to locations such as Cozumel, Puerto Rico and Key West in search of his next idea for a tropical painting.

Seth Novak

I’ve created a classical-style acrylic painting on a recycled vintage 1980’s surfboard. I want to give the viewer a taste of the thrill of surfing and the beauty of the ocean. The subject is eleven-time world champion and Cocoa Beach native Kelly Slater getting barreled on a wave.

Most of my life I’ve lived steps away from the ocean and find it to be a huge inspiration. The ocean has instilled a deep sense of gratitude for the environment and the sport of surfing. As humans we hopefully try, as difficult as it may be, to live in harmony with nature and not in opposition. In this work, I want to bring awareness to that possibility and inspire all of us to protect the oceans and our surrounding natural environment.

Sandy Shenker

Leonard the Lazy Lemon Shark

Leonard is a teenage Lemon Shark born and raised in the shark nursery along the Cape Canaveral shore. He grew up watching the surfers at Cocoa Beach and always wished he could join them. Although the surfers seemed excited to see him, they never offered to share their boards. Much to his delight, a tropical storm sent him a forgotten board from the beach! Now Leonard spends his days happily lazing on the board and catching an occasional wave. He’s one stoked shark!

Leonard is built on a marine grade plywood frame. He is covered and filled with upcycled neoprene wetsuits. His teeth are hand-carved PVC, and his Styrofoam eyes are painted and finished with an acrylic polymer. In addition to thanking her husband, Jon, for his support and assistance, the artist wishes to express her gratitude to American Divers International of Merritt Island for their donation of the many recycled wetsuits used to create Leonard and his fishy buddies.

4 Main Loop Near Celebration Garden

Mara Hixon

A native Floridian, Mara Hixon received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida.
She is an award-winning author, photographer, mosaic and media artist. Her lifelong love of surfing and passion for the ocean inspire her artwork. Hixon recreates the beauty of the ocean and all its colorful and majestic creatures in her designs.

“Pinky Pie” is a stained-glass mosaic. Each piece of glass is individually hand cut and ground for a smooth finish. Three different colors of hand-mixed grout cement together the design. The flamingo appears to be floating against the turquoise background. The flowing feathers are dynamic. Hixon intentionally uses bright colors that contrast to make Pinky Pie pop. She presents the colors of nature as candy for the eyes.

Hixon feels it is imperative to be involved in the community and is a big advocate for sea turtles, conservation, and the arts. Her mosaics, mixed media and photography can be found at Cocoa Beach Art Studios and on Instagram, @Mara.miaa

Erin O’Boyle

With over 50 years experience as an image content creator, Erin O’Boyle has created Powerful Visual Content in all segments of multimedia disciplines. With a main focus on image creation for commercial endeavors, much of his work is transformed into visual art statements to motivate action in the advertising and branding arenas. Over his decades of worldwide travels, Erin has captured and created a vast array of image content which are highly sought after for commercial installations, public art displays, and private collectors.

This Surfboard Art Piece is a classic example of his expressive interpretation of the underwater world.

Lands of Change Boards

5 Education Theater

Kole Trent

I’m from Cocoa Beach, Florida, the root of my art journey. The East Coast inspires my life, from the energy of the waves to the vast exploration of the sea. There’s truly nothing more beautiful than the natural expression this world provides. 

My goal is to bring that feeling into my work so that viewers all over the world can relate and share a smile. For this piece I focused on the wave and surrounding plant life, to show the beauty of natures’ ability to dance in the light. 

Gabriella Plaza 

I use my art to express my most complex thoughts and ideas, telling a story through images. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words! Through my illustrative art, I create unique storybook characters with bold colors and even bolder stories. Lately, I’ve embraced my hometown of Titusville as one of those characters. Titusville’s mantra of being “The Gateway to Nature & Space,” inspired me to translate its unique qualities into a mix of traditional and digital media to tell the Titusville story.

I want my art to be unique and not boring, so I incorporate thought-provoking images to make you stare at it a little longer. I try to use colors that make the story stand out. No matter the shapes or colors I use, I hope you can see the stories I tell in my art.

Rene Griffith

Surfing The Blues

I am an artist and visual storyteller who creates mixed-media paintings that evoke memories and feelings. Inspired by a lifelong fascination with abstract shapes such as cast shadows, reflections, silhouettes, clouds, and colors, I try to capture the essence of a place or to convey my thoughts and feelings. I grew up in Melbourne with seven siblings who loved the outdoors, especially the beach. Most summers and weekends through our teen years were spent at Canova Beach or Indialantic. My surfboard art was inspired by my sister who was one of the first girl surfers along the Space Coast. Surfing the Blues is my interpretation of life on the waves and the freedom one feels being one with the ocean. My paintings are available through my website: or Koman Fine Art in Vero Beach, Florida and Sweet Gallery in Naples, Florida. I work daily in my Indialantic studio which is open by appointment. Call or text me at 321.676.1956.

Lucinda L’Enfant

Lucinda L’Enfant is a Mississippi Gulf Coast self-taught artist, Registered Nurse and Navy Veteran. Her style pairs heavy-handed bold lines with vibrant colors that makes one feel as if they are part of a visual celebration. Side-A of this piece was inspired by David Lynch’s talk on Where Great Ideas Come From. Side-B is inspired by Kanaloa, the Hawaiian God that affects life, living creatures and the movement of the ocean. #Lucinda808

6 Komodo Dragon

Ben Watts

I’m Ben Watts and I was born and raised in Florida. A lot of my inspiration comes from the places I always went to growing up. The zoo and the beach were my favorite places to go. I use acrylic paints and do some digital work as well. I see my art in the world and people around me. I do a lot of bright and exciting underwater work. I try and use a vast variety of colors that grabs your attention and puts a smile on your face. 

7 Lands of Change Plaza

John Russell


“Using a surfboard as your canvas, and ‘Natural Florida’ as the theme, create a piece of art for display at Brevard Zoo,” was the brief. Composing a painting that represents ‘Natural Florida’ and have it fit on a surfboard was quite challenging. I considered several bird species that might work, long legs and slim silhouettes make them ideal for a board displayed vertically, but what if I wanted a horizontal presentation? 

I consider myself privileged to live on a lake, and it was here that I found inspiration. Of all Florida’s indigenous wildlife, I think the most iconic is the alligator. I regularly see these magnificent reptiles basking on the bank, lying motionless in the shallows or swimming lazily across the surface. A mutual distrust exists between us, an abrupt movement or sudden noise will send it diving for the murky depths and me back to the sanctuary of my lanai. This 8-footer posed obligingly partially submerged with several dragonflies while I began sketching.

Debra Terrio

Moving to Florida in 2013 brought new energy and dimension to my creations. The joy I feel for the people and environment compel me to transform my visual and emotional passion into art.

As an award-winning artist and member of numerous art organizations, I give back to the community by donating my art to local charities and teaching students of all ages. Having published articles in arts magazines, being the featured artist in the Holiday 2021 issue of Indian River Magazine was a special honor. 

I have always felt an affinity for nature, specifically the water. Sensing the serenity as I paddle down Florida’s lazy rivers strikes a chord deep within me. The Florida sea can be mesmerizing in its gentle ebb and flow. I find its ferocious turmoil and dazzling waves both startling yet enthralling. That turbulence inspired me to create “Tempestuous,” my contribution to Brevard Zoo surfboard exhibit.

Wild Florida Boards

8 Florida Cluster

Stefani Angy

Growing up on the Space Coast, I’ve always loved visiting the beach around dusk during sea turtle season. There is something magical about watching a turtle travel from the sea to the dunes to lay her eggs, and then back again. 

The Sea Turtle’s Journey portrays the sea turtle returning to her home after leaving her legacy behind. Mirror represents the infinite sand of the beaches and dunes. It also mimics the reflections and sparkles waves make in the ocean. 

I have been making mosaics and transforming retired surfboards into art pieces for over 10 years and have been fortunate to display and sell my pieces in galleries around Brevard County. I also create custom pieces for clients. To see more of my work, please follow Briny Beach Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

Erin Boshart 

I was thrilled to be chosen for Brevard Zoo’s latest exhibit: What the Florida landscape means to me. I immediately thought of a mangrove tree enjoying the last bit of sunlight, anticipating a new day on the water. Florida’s vast habitat, home to our beautiful and varied animal population, wouldn’t be complete without a rocket launch into the atmosphere – all right here on the Space Coast! 

As an up-and-coming muralist, I seek to illustrate most of my designs based on Florida’s colorful wildlife. This surfboard is one of my favorite pieces to date and I’m extremely honored to shine light on our pristine environment in the Sunshine State. I hope my illustration brings joy to all, and I dedicate this board to my newborn twin girls, Sadie and Daisy. Instagram: @erinwoody143

Erin Fox

Lagoon Longboard

Erin Fox is a mixed media resin artist from Rockledge, Florida. As a native Floridian who grew up on the Indian River, her work is inspired by the ocean and Space Coast culture. Erin is a full-time working mom and self-taught artist, using her spare time to create and experiment with resin. Her husband, Mike Fox, provides the foundation for all her work, designing and cutting unique shapes with his CNC skills. The result of their partnership is art that reflects Erin’s love of the water.

Erin’s work can be seen at Breakers Art Gallery in Satellite Beach, Florida and online.

Instagram: @FoxFlowArt
Facebook: @FoxFlowArt

Jennifer Gallo

Facebook: Jennifer Garvey Gallo 

While creating this, I did what I’ve never done before as an artist. I deliberated over each step and appreciated the slow process of creating my vision. Normally, when embarking on a new project, I jump 100% into my vision, put in endless hours, make multiple changes and I’m done when I’m happy. For this project I pondered, set a plan, and it was surprisingly delightful!

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I designed handbags for years, creating other art such as home decor, community art and most recently exterior art murals. My passion has always taken me to create and explore new art paths.

For this project, I thought of (a) how I would showcase what Florida’s landscape means to me: beautiful manatees, serene waters, bountiful sun, nature’s sea grass and the underwater treasures of the Space Coast and (b) how to incorporate my artistic ideas: Florida shells, sea glass in all shades, and glass and beads for color and dimension. Happy to do this for Brevard Zoo! Instagram: @jenngalloartt

9 Bear Tent

Bob Michaud, KC Grapes, & Kestrel Michaud

Surf, Sea, & Serenity

Artists: Bob Michaud (Dad) a custom furniture builder, built the wooden bench to support the 8’ surfboard and to be reminiscent of ocean waves. Accomplished artists, KC Grapes (Mom) and Kestrel Michaud (their daughter), collaborated on the design and painting of the surfboard. Credit goes to George Jones, of Surfguys, who painted the undercoat and applied the clear coat finish.

Being an artistic family, we decided to combine our skills and make this functional piece of art a family project. We liked the idea of creating a surfboard bench that would highlight the beauty of the Great Florida Reef… the only living reef anywhere along the coast of the continental 48 states. Coral reef ecosystems are considered by some scientists to have the greatest variety of animal life on earth. The Great Florida Reef is a national treasure, yet many people aren’t aware it exists. We hope our surfboard bench will raise awareness.

Paul D. Sexton

SEA-ing is Believing

Paul began painting surfboards after observing “street artists” painting Florida scenes for tourists in Clearwater and other locations across the state. What started as a few “personal” surfboards for display around his own pool and lanai, soon evolved into painting surfboards for other family members. Paul’s interest in painting was primarily a hobby, but opportunities to expand increased when he entered full-time retirement. Florida landscapes and seascapes are a regular focus in his paintings, plus an occasional rendering of Mickey, Donald or Goofy enjoying Florida’s sunny environment. 

This surfboard represents Paul’s vision of the unique and diverse environment we all enjoy. With a pelican soaring overhead, and multi-colored LED lighting to represent our sunshine state, this two-sided surfboard showcases the tranquility of a day-at-the-beach and the serenity enjoyed by some of our aquatic neighbors just below the surface of the waves.

Rainforest Revealed Boards

10 Under Elevated Walkway

Christine Fowler

Deep Waters

Here in the most unexplored environments on the planet, the mind is left to wonder curiously about its deep-sea creatures and their secrets. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the ocean and creatures like the mysterious squid and anglerfish. As an experienced artist, my work is bold, full of color, and heavily influenced by aquatic themes. I want to invite my viewers into the same environment I’m seeing, as if through the eyes of a child with imaginative realism. This piece is a fine representation of my artistic style using acrylics on an untraditional canvas. 

11 Giant Otter

Madi Locario

Otterly Curious

From a young age I was compelled to create. My great-grandmother, Mary Alice Cullifer, was an excellent landscape artist and helped to mold my skills in acrylics. Her mentorship gave me a passion for painting, and through my work I try to focus on the nuances and accentuate the finer details of my subjects.

My favorite part of the design process is studying the animal to see all the subtle distinctions in order to accurately depict it through my pieces. For this piece I have selected to paint a Florida river otter in its environment. They are beautiful, graceful animals as they glide through the water, yet they are also strong and powerful. I feel otters are one of the best representations of the dynamic Florida landscape because, just like Florida, some of its most amazing natural wonders can be hidden, but if you are fortunate to catch a glimpse it can be unbelievably inspiring and beautiful.

Jill J Moore

In a Perfect World

Jill J Moore, an award-winning artist, has had no formal art training, though her family is creative with her mother being her artistic influencer. As a lifelong artist and costume designer, Jill has explored new, old, and unique mediums.

Realizing how fragile our ecosystem is, buried under plastic pollution, from an ever-expanding human population, she is now focused on repurposing plastic into long-lasting forms of art, while also fulfilling dreams of sculpting, using over 100,000 plastic bags in her fashions and life-size animals. Confetti Paint, her medium for the wildlife on this surfboard, is plastic bag sections, chosen for color, that she has hand-cut into confetti and glitter. The background is acrylic paint.

Jill has participated, and won awards, in digital art and upcycle fashion, has given upcycling presentations at schools and Earth Day expos, and she is a proud member of the Brevard Zoo Jaguar Society. She volunteers as the Safari Under the Stars auction photographer.


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